What is Electro Chemical Etching?
How can my products benefit from this type of product marking?
Electro Chemical Etching is a fast, reliable and low-cost process to permanently mark all conductive materials. Originally developed to serve the aerospace industry’s need for metal marking parts with precision and consistency, the electro chemical marking process has expanded to include many industries. Electro Chemical Etching gives you the ability to permanently mark products, while achieving etch depths from.0001” up to 0.010” even on thin wall products. Whether your mark is for part identification, customer information, or branding, Electro-Chem Etch has a versatile and cost effective solution.

Electro-Chem Etch —Pioneers and Innovators in Electro Chemical Etching Machines

Choose from our wide variety of high resolution electrolytic etching products. We promise we have a power unit to meet your part marking needs.

Model 500 –“Controller" Power Unit
With approval from all the major aerospace corporations, Model 500 is by far our most popular electro chemical etching machine. With variable output voltages of 0-40, low impedance, and 500 watts of power, our powerful metal marking machine allows users to easily achieve etch depths up to 0.010" and controlled to within +/-0.0005". Built-in SCR phase control circuitry, and integral electronic timer and pulser, allows the machine to operate almost "operator free." In addition to meeting process specifications, you can also measure and repeat depths for every part. A metal marking machine that doesn’t need operator skill, this powerful unit does the thinking for you. And–the foot switch or remote control makes it truly a "hands-free" operation. If precise etch depth is a requirement, Model 500 is the unit for you.

Model 500–Electro-Chemical “Etching Kit”
Truly an electro-chemical marking system, the Model 500 Electro-Chemical "Etching Kit" comes with the Model 500 electro chemical etching machine and all the necessary accessories to begin the metal marking process.

Model 200–“Supervisor” Power Unit
With the same variable output voltages of 0-40, low impedance, and 500 watts of power, this powerful electro chemical etching machine is the manually operated version of the Model 500. Still delivering the same high quality permanent mark, this cost effective metal marking machine is ideal for applications where an internal timer and pulser are not needed. If a high-quality unit with a cost effective price is your requirement, Model 200 is the unit for you.

Model 200 is also available in an electro-chemical marking system "kit". The kit includes the metal marking machine and all the necessary accessories to begin.


Model 100–"Producer" Power Unit
A cousin to Model 200, this small–yet mighty–parts marking machine has 100 watts of power and variable output voltages of up to 24 volts. Ideal for machine shops, Model 100 has plenty of power for most applications, and is capable of providing an etch of 010". Model 100 is often used for marking medical instruments and cutlery. If modest price and smaller power requirements are your needs, Model 100 is the unit for you.

As with Model 500 and 200, Model 100 is available in an electrochemical marking system "kit". The kit includes the unit and all the necessary accessories to begin.

“Personalizer Plus" Power Unit
Very popular in the cutlery and custom knife-making industry, the Personalizer Plus is an electro chemical etching machine ideal for low volume metal marking applications. It’s no wonder that tens of thousands of these units have been sold to knife makers, gunsmiths, and medical instrument manufacturers worldwide. With 72 watts of power and variable output voltages of O-20, this popular model produces high contrast markings in just a few seconds. If medium power–with reliability and high performance- all in a very affordable package, are your requirements, the Personalizer Plus is the perfect unit for you.

Available from your local knife-maker supplies distributor, the Personalizer Plus is sold as a complete kit containing all the necessary supplies and accessories.

SF 200–SF Foto Stencil Fabricator
With the invention of the SF Foto Stencil Fabricator, Electro-Chem Etch allows manufacturers to save time and money by giving them the capability to create stencils in-house. A computer and laser printer are all you need to create a high quality, durable stencil from text, graphics, or logos–in only a few minutes.

With Electro Chem Etch, you can choose to make your own stencils–or have us do it for you. Many of our satisfied customers who have the SF 200 continue to use our services for some of their products. Either way, it’s wonderful to have a choice!

So many great choices for all your metal parts marking needs. It’s no wonder so many top companies rely on Electro-Chem Etch for their electro-chemical marking systems.

Contact us today and we'll make sure to find the right metal marking system for your parts’ needs.