Electrochemical Etching Machine
Marking machine What is Electro Chemical Etching?
How can my products benefit from this type of product marking?
Electro Chemical Etching is a fast, reliable and low-cost process to permanently mark all conductive materials. Originally developed to serve the aerospace industry’s need for metal marking parts with precision and consistency, the electro chemical marking process has expanded to include many industries. Electro Chemical Etching gives you the ability to permanently mark products, while achieving etch depths from.0001” up to 0.010” even on thin wall products. Whether your mark is for part identification, customer information, or branding, Electro-Chem Etch has a versatile and cost effective solution.
Electro Chemical Etching metal parts marking electrochemical parts marking

Electrochemical Etching Machines from Electro Chem Etch: Industry Innovators

What makes each Electro Chem Etching Machine different from other electro chemical marking systems?

At Electro-Chem Etch, serving the needs of our customers has driven us to be the industry innovators. With our advances, electrochemical etching has gone from an inconsistent way of metal marking, to a consistent marking method providing high quality marks that rival or surpass laser marking.

How do we do that? Metal marking with an Electro-Chem Etch unit means consistency in your mark or etch. Consistency is determined by precise control of current density. If current flow is inconsistent, the unit is supplying the same current for a legend of 4 characters as it does for 40 characters. Thus, the larger legend receives far less etch. Each Electro-Chem Etch metal etching machine operates with a low impedance SCR controlled voltage source. This means output power is varied electronically by demand, keeping the current density constant-ensuring consistent and professional marks or etches -regardless of legend size.

Electro-Chem Etch created the first small scale unit “Personalizer Plus.” At a fraction of the cost of a larger electrochemical etching machine, this small-scale metal etching machine gives the do-it-your-selfer the same marking method to produce clean consistent quality marks as aerospace or medical equipment manufacturers have.

Photo Stencils brought metal etching to the modern age, but can be expensive, and may require longer wait times. Electro-Chem Etch invented the SF 200 in-house stencil system.The SF 200 allows you to use your computer and laser printer, along with our stencil material and developing solution, to create stencils in your own facility.

Many Electrolyte solutions used for electro chemical marking leave a residue that makes the metal highly susceptible to rust. Electro Chem Etch developed corrosion resistant electrolytes so that correct use of ECM's harmless AMC cleaner/neutralizer will remove the residue–avoiding this problem.

Do it yourself-or let us do it for you!
With Electro-Chem Etch, you have options. Choose a metal etching machine from our variety of electrochemical units for the perfect unit for your metal marking application–or let us provide this service for you. In Southern California, many aerospace companies have chosen us as their preferred service provider for both electrolytic etching and/or photo stencil services.

Whether we provide marking services for you, or the metal etching machine to do it yourself, you will appreciate the customer service and innovation that have made Electro-Chem Etch the market leader in high quality electro chemical etching.

Call us today. We promise we have a solution for your metal marking needs.